14 May 2011, Saturday

Professor Malenkov, Selenokhod advisory board member, shares his experience of building space robotics (including Soviet Lunokhod rovers & PROP-M walking robot made for Mars-2 & Mars-3 missions).

10 May 2011, Tuesday

Overview of developments in artificial intelligence & computer vision. Development prospects of Selenokhod Ltd.

6 April 2010, Tuesday

    Russia's only Google Lunar X PRIZE Team, Selenokhod, announces that Dr. Mikhail Malenkov, Dr. Vyacheslav Dovgan and Dr. Ephraim Akim have been appointed as the first members of its new Advisory Board.

5 April 2010, Monday

   On March 9-12, Selenokhod made a presentation at the Gagarin Memorial Conference.

Selenokhod at Gagarin memorial conference
    Interest in our Google Lunar X PRIZE project and private space exploration was so huge that PR-manager Pavel Sharov had to make three presentations on the first day of the Conference. He answered many questions, and he enlisted the support of many space companies and organizations.

23 March 2010, Tuesday

    Moscow-based Project PRACTICE has become an official partner of Team Selenokhod in the field of project management. The company's top specialist and project management consultant, Dr. Pavel Shestopalov, will join the Selenokhod team. An experienced test engineer and space project management consultant Dr. Shestopalov worked at the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, for example, as a test engineer on Spin-2, and as chief test engineer on the Ikar booster. He has also worked on the Globalstar program and various Russian military satellites.