1 March 2010, Monday

Селеноход в программе Индексмод на Радио Факультет.
   On February 23, the relationship between space and the fashion industry was addressed by Selenokhod team members during an internet radio talk show hosted by the Moscow State University's Journalism Department.
   Roman Selivan and Andrey Deynich hosted the show.
   In addition to space architecture and Russian science fiction movies,
topics for discussion included the impact of space on fashion, stylish
imagery and advertising.
   The roster of guests from Team Selenokhod included Nikolay
Dzis-Voynarovskiy (CEO), Pavel Sharov (PR-manager), Dmitriy Alekseev
(Advertising manager), and Renat Yakubov (Web-master). They were joined by fashion designer Zoya Smirnova, fashion editor Ekaterina Melnikova of GQ / Russian Edition, and Konstantin Smirnov, Marketing Manager at Nokia Russia.

You can download podcast (MP3, Russian, 193 Mb):

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