The Team

   Our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionals from a variety of different industries. Together, we bring technical competence and great enthusiasm to this complex task. Confidence is high. We will succeed in making it happen. Come join our Team. Or at least please support the Project.

 Our objectives:

  • To demonstrate for all to see that progress in space can be achieved for the benefit of commerce and society, and that other programs besides those run by the military and the government can succeed.
  • To identify and exploit the previously unknown talents and true creative potential of many people who join our Team and embrace the goals of the Project.
  • To help reclaim Russia's premier status in the realm of space, and to help instill a sense of renewed pride in the Russian national space program as a whole.
  • To do our best to win the Google Lunar X PRIZE, which means landing the first private rover on the lunar surface, and then successfully accomplishing all the required tasks and procedures in full compliance with the rules of the competition.

Nikolay Dzis-Voynarovskiy, CEO
Nikolay Romanov, chief technical officer
Sergey Sedykh, project manager
Pavel Sharov, public relations manager
Nikita Golikov, rover systems designer
Evgeniy Kosmodemyanskiy, space systems designer
Andrey Kovalyov, mechanical systems designer
Sergey Maltsev, computer vision specialist
Alexander Shaenko, thermal engineer
Igor Persev, communication engineer
Alexander Ilyin, adviser
Vadim Bartko, programmer
Dmitriy Alekseev, advertising manager
Renat Yakubov, chief information officer